How do I behave when I receive a written or simply oral notice from the criminal police to appear as an accused or witness for examination?

Tell the person in charge in a friendly, yet determined tone (at best, by phone) that you wish to consult with a lawyer first, and therefore are unable to appear on the fixed date. Frequently the police try to to make you believe that non-appearance will cause you severe trouble, but, in fact, you are not at all obligated to appear before the criminal police - neither as an accused, nor as a witness.

As soon as you receive such notice you should contact your defence counseller or another lawyer. Based on your authorization, your defence lawyer will obtain access to the investigation record through the prosecutor's office and discuss the matter with you in detail. You can take your time to decide together with him whether or what statement to make, if you are the accused. If you are summoned to appear as a witness, your legal counseller will inform you whether or before whom you are obligated to make statements. As is known from experience, early statements on the subject of trial made without legal assistance or knowledge of the record may cause serious disadvantage, which it may be impossible to make up for in the subsequent proceedings.